5 Things To Look for In A Pet Boarding Facility

Leaving your pet with family or friends is not always possible, making a suitable pet boarding facility crucial, but ensure that the facility is well-equipped to take care of your pet in your absence.

Start with touring the boarding facility and checking the provision for accommodation, cleanliness and hygiene, health care facilities, and prices for each service before deciding whether it is an appropriate place to leave your pet.

Ensuring your pet pal is in the best possible care while you are apart can help relieve your stress.

Read on to learn what to look after in a pet boarding facility if you struggle to choose the right one.

Things To Look for In A Pet Boarding Facility

Did you know American pet owners spent a whopping $69.51 billion on their pets, including more than $6 billion on boarding services alone?

Ensuring your pet is properly cared for and comfortable in his home away from home is essential for its health and happiness.

Moreover, it will be stress-free for you and your pet if you have a good plan.

Here are a few essential things every pet owner should look for in a pet boarding facility.

1.Provision for Accommodation

Find a good boarding facility that can provide plenty of space for your pet's needs.

A well-organized pet care place and routine should be one of your standards in choosing the best pet boarding facility to cater to your pet's needs while you are away.

Boarding facilities must have 8 to 24 feet square kennel size space for each dog, depending on their size and activities.

In addition, you should ensure that they have enough space to lie down, move around, sit, and stand comfortably.

The place you select should meet at least the following expectations.

  • Ensure the accommodation is well-ventilated to minimize the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • Frequent meal, exercise, and potty break schedule.
  • Confirm that there are a variety of interactive toys and play options available.
  • Ensure there is enough outdoor space and your pet has access to it by engaging in activities such as playing and having a good time.
  • Discover what arrangements are made for pet bedding. Check if pet owners require bringing bedding from home.
  • Also, check if you require bringing your pet’s food when you check in.

Ask if pet grooming, bathing, or training services are available. These kinds of services can save you time and trouble and helps ensure the safety of your pet.

Besides, if your pet does not play well with others, ensure that there is an option for him to be walked alone.

2.Make a Tour of the Facility

If you feel unsure about leaving your pet at a boarding facility, consider visiting the facility in person.

No matter how good it looks on the internet or on paper, it would be best to visit and dig a little deeper to determine which pet boarding facility is best for your pet.

If the pet boarding facility does not allow you to inspect their premises, that should signal you to take them off your list.

While visiting, allow yourself plenty of time to see each facility and ask any additional queries you have.

  • Check if there is adequate security to prevent pets from escaping.
  • See if the kennel is clean and smells pleasant.
  • Check whether the staff is attentive and caring with the animals.
  • Pay close attention to the behavior of the animals. Do they appear too anxious or fearful, or are they satisfied and happy?
  • Ask to see pet boarding licenses.
  • You can even ask your friends who did boarding before or look at online reviews and testimonials from other pet owners for the facilities you are considering.

Besides, taking your pet to the pet boarding facility can be a good idea to help them get used to the surroundings and other pets.

This could help reduce any stress and nervousness should you decide to arrange a stay.

3.Health Care Facilities

A reputable dog care facility will always have vaccination requirements for your dog to be able to enter the facility.

After all, many dogs attending kennel care come hand in hand with various illnesses that could easily transmit from one dog to another without the proper precautions.

These precautions should be in place to maintain the health and welfare of any dog in the kennel.

  • Ensure your pet is up to date on their rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza vaccinations.
  • If you plan on boarding them for a long time, it is a good idea to schedule a check-up with the vet to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to handle the stress of a long stay.
  • Make sure that your pet is on flea and tick preventative.
  • Ensure the food and treats they feed are healthy and the most popular brands.
  • Ask about the protocol and procedure for obtaining veterinary services in place to manage medical emergencies. Find out how costs will be managed for medical treatment.
  • Remind the staff about any medical or behavior problems your pet has. If your pet is taking medication, ask them if they can provide medical care.
  • Check if the boarding facility’s other pets are vaccinated.

Ensure to provide contact details to the boarding facility and keep yourself their contact information so you can get in touch with them if anything unusual occurs.

4.Hygiene and Cleanliness 

Following regular daily clean-up procedures, the pet boarding should look neat and clean.

Any boarding facilities, training, or watching multiple dogs should have a strict cleaning routine to stop the spread of germs and possible illnesses.

Moreover, canine parvovirus, an intestinal disease, has been rising worldwide. The diseases spread when dogs come into contact with contaminated surfaces such as grass, clothes, shoes, etc.

Consider checking the hygiene and cleanliness of boarding facilities if there have been any reports of parvovirus illness before.

  • Your dog should have the proper ventilated, temperature-controlled space if you are boarding during the summer heat.
  • The kennel should be free of dirt, odors, fecal accumulation, and parasite infestation.
  • There should be a strict schedule for disinfecting with effective chemicals.
  • Examine the cleanliness of the things they use, such as the food bowl and drinking water.
  • Ask about the cleaning and grooming facilities for the pet.

5.Price of Services

Pet boarding facilities might be costlier than having a friend or family member stop by to feed and check on your pet daily.

However, the pet boarding facility's extra cost comes with some benefits you might not get otherwise, including social interaction and companionship.

On average, dog boarding facilities charge between $30 to $50 per night, $150 per week, and $500 per month if you ever need to be away for that long.

Pet boarding facilities have varying rates for boarding but do not make the mistake of going for the cheapest offer without looking at the inclusions, or you will get disappointed.

  • Make sure to ask for the price and the services it includes. Ask if the boarding fee will cover your pet’s immediate requirements, like administering medication or providing unique dietary needs.
  • Make sure to ask if there will be an extra charge for pick up and drop off and overstaying for a few hours.
  • If you intend to board your pet long-term, see if you can bargain a better deal or ask for a discount.
  • If you unexpectedly need to cancel your tour or have to return early, see if you may be entitled to a full or partial refund.
  • Check if any extra or hidden charge is included in the final price.

Confirm that you are satisfied with what you get back for the boarding fee you will pay before signing the boarding contract.

Moreover, as you make your reservations, find out what type of payment arrangements are acceptable such as credit cards, personal checks, money orders, etc.


Doing your homework and finding the best boarding option you trust will help you feel confident that you have made the right choice.

After all, knowing your pet is in good hands is a great relief for you so you can enjoy the travel or holidays.

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