Pet Daycare Services

Pet Daycare Services in Urbandale

Pet Daycare or Doggie Daycare is the best way to ensure that your dog receives the attention and care they deserve while you are away busy with work or travel on a daily basis or seldom.

Daycare teaches social skills with other dogs and people, and promotes confidence in them for a healthy release of Oxytocin (Happiness).


We focus on 5 important details in our daycare


We offer both indoor and outdoor play area for pets of any age. We focus on interactive games to keep them occupied and mingle with other dogs. Spending time with fellow pet proves to boost oxytocin in animals.


We only take certain number of pets at a time, so we can dedicate needed attention to every pet. Providing special attention helps in preventing solitary and odd behavior in pets.


An optimum portion of the daycare focuses on physical and creative exercise to keep them healthy and smart. Treating them after every game boosts their spirit.


An average pet sleeps 12-14 hours a day. An active pup may need 18-20 hours of sleep, hence, we ensure that your pet takes enough rest and in homely environment in the daycare.


It’s important for pets to learn to socialize with other pets and humans, hence, we encourage inclusive facility to let dogs sit with their likes and help them interact with owners.

Daycare is available from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday-Friday. There is 2 hours rest period each day.

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For the security of our guests, the facility is monitored by a number of cameras. To learn more about our resort facility or to schedule a tour of our facility, please contact us.

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