Pet Training Services

Have an unruly dog or behavior problems? Have a new puppy or newly adopted dog? Or just need a refresher on obedience?

We offer a variety of pet behavior analysis and pet training programs in Des Moines tailored for your needs. Our training programs are assertive, tested and affordable for every pet owner. We use positive reinforcement and holistic techniques for training your pets for any behavioral problem or basic obedience.

We keep class sizes small to provide one on one attention throughout the class.

Book your Dog Training with the Specialists.

What does our training covers?

Training cues

The basic training cues cover sitting, dropping, heeling, standing, walking, latrine behavior and practice etc.


Socialization covers essential bonding practice and dog to dog or dog to human interaction

Dealing with behavioral problem

Many dogs have behavioral problems like barking, jumping, chewing and digging, which can be dealt with assertive measures.


This helps to ensure your dog sees you as the leader.

Mental stimulation

This helps to keep your dog occupied when you’re unable to interact with your pet. This helps in reducing destructive behavior in dogs.

Park/Road etiquette

This helps to avoid undesirable or embarrassing behavior in public, mostly on road and parks.


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