Veterinary Technician or Assistant

"At Urban Pet Hospital & Resort, our mission is to better the lives of animals."


  • We are seeking a talented Veterinary Technician or assistant that possess a broad knowledge of animal science, medicine, and husbandry
  • Basic knowledge of pharmacology and sufficient mathematical skills to ensure accurate drug and fluid doses are administered are preferred.
  • They must be able to restrain animals successfully, complete clinical laboratory tests, use multiple radiology techniques, administer and monitor animals under anesthesia, and assist in surgery.


As a Veterinary Technician or Assistant, you will primarily assist the Veterinarian and perform essential duties, including:

  • Performing an initial examination of the animal
  • Providing emergency first aid
  • Collecting specimens, taking vital signs, drawing blood, and gathering medical histories
  • Assisting in research
  • Performing lab procedures
  • Preparing animals and equipment for surgical procedures
  • Administering medications and vaccines prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • Taking and processing x-rays
  • Must be able to lift or carry pets or objects weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance
  • Anesthesia monitoring
  • General animal anatomy
  • Pain Management with animals
  • Aseptic technique

Minimum Qualification

  • Credentialed Veterinary Technician (CVT) preferred
  • Graduate of AVMA accredited veterinary technician school
  • Minimum 1 - 3 years’ professional work experience in a clinic or hospital setting as a Veterinary Technician or Technician Assistant with surgical experience will be considered
  • Competence inpatient care in-clinic and at-home, surgical and dental procedures, and the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions that would be routinely anticipated to occur
  • Proficiency with computers with Cornerstone and White Board knowledge a PLUS
  • Know and use basic medical abbreviations and medical terminology

Working Conditions

There is exposure to barking dogs and cleaning chemicals.

Veterinary Technicians must also be aware of the risks inherent in working with animals and take proper safety precautions to minimize the potential for injury from bites, scratches, or kicks.

- Salary: Negotiable -


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