8 Ways to Celebrate National Kitten Day

Every July 10, Americans celebrate National Kitten Day in honor of cute and cuddly kittens who brought joy to their life.

Moreover, the days also mark an important event to encourage more Americans to take in abandoned kittens as members of their families.

With National Kitten Day just around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to get snuggly and celebrate the kittens by adopting a few more and pampering them.

Celebrate your favorite feline by spoiling them with extra treats, grooming, buying new collars, adopting a kitten, donating and volunteering at the shelter, snapping some photos, etc.

Whether you already have a kitten in your life or are considering having one, this special day is the perfect excuse to celebrate the kitten.

Read on to learn about National Kitten Day and how we can celebrate our feline friends the best way.

How to Best Celebrate National Kitten Day

Did you know cats have been our companions for at least 9,500 years and are the most popular pet in the world?

In the U.S. alone, the number of cats exceeds that of dogs as pets by almost double.

Let us check out the ideas for celebrating National Kitten Day.

1. Spoil Your Kitten

Cat love being pampered; it is also a good way to bond and spoil your kitty.

One of the easiest ways to make your cat happy is to spoil them with a delicious meal, new toys, and fun.

  • Give your cat toys to play. From Yeowww! Butterfly, Kong Cat Feather Teaser, Yeowww! Catnip Tub to interactive games and toys, there are a wide variety of cat-specific toys for your fur friend.
  • Offer them their favorite snack and treats.
  • Provide them with comfy sleeping and hiding places, such as a cat cave. Your cat will love having a cat cave to hide, take a nap and climb above it.
  • Getting some extra snuggle time with your cat can help make them feel loved and appreciated, as well as helps relieve stress. 

2. Make a Donation to Shelters

If you are not ready to adopt a cat, consider donating money, goodies, or other items to animal advocacy groups and shelters.

You can support them with money or provide essential items like food, bedding, toys, etc.

The caged animals are desperate for human interaction and could use the extra love while they wait for their forever families.

You might consider a national or local organization like the Best Friends Animal Society and Alley Cat Allies.

Make sure to get in touch with these organizations before making any donations.

3. Take Photos for Memory

It is common practice for the pet owner to plan a photo shoot in a studio or out with a local photographer for their pet’s special occasions.

Use this day as the perfect opportunity to create a memory with your kitten by taking some photos to hang on your walls or share on your social media.  

Get your kitten picture-perfect by giving them accessories or toys. Add a festive pet scarf to what would be a standard collar.

Use treats and toys to gain your cat’s attention and get the ideal shot.

4. Grooming

Usually, a cat spends many of its waking hours grooming. They are notorious self-groomers.

Although cats take care of themselves for the most part, sometimes they need just a little help from their pet owner.

In fact, grooming your cat can be highly beneficial to your beloved feline.

  • Brushing your cat will remove dead hair and dander from their coat and improves muscle tone.
  • Gives you the chance to quickly examine your cat's mouth, ears, and eyes while looking for fleas and ticks.
  • Stimulates the skin to produce oils, which gives the coat a shiny, healthy appearance.
  • Improves the overall health of your cat’s skin and coat and alerts you of any lurking health issues.

Grooming not only keeps your cat looking clean and beautiful, but it also allows you to spend quality time bonding with your cat.

Schedule a grooming appointment for your cat today.

5. Give Your Cat a Catnip

Different from cat grass, Catnip is an herb from the mint family that has a stimulating effect on cat behavior.

A little catnip can help make your cat’s playtime extra fun. Most kittens love catnips because it makes them roll on the ground, freak out, mash their face, and drool.

Smelling or tasting even a little bit of the oil in catnip turns even the laziest or oldest cats into playful kittens.

However, not all cats will enjoy the effects of catnip, so be extra careful while using it.

If you have never given your cat catnip before, try sprinkling just a few dried leaves onto a toy or on the ground and see how it responds.

For more information check this infographics out.

6. Volunteer at Shelters

You do not need a kitten to celebrate National Kitten Day. Anyone can help pets across the country by volunteering or donating.

If you do not have the money to donate, that’s fine! Instead, donate your time. Volunteering at your local animal shelter is still a great way to celebrate National Kitten Day.

You can help with the following thing.

  • Scoop and clean litter boxes
  • Clean cat spaces
  • Interact and play with the kitties in the shelter

It is a great way to get hands-on and celebrate this national kitten day.

7. Adopt a New Kitten

Every year, almost 3.2 million cats find their way into animal shelters, and about 1.4 million are euthanized. Numerous kitties require rescuing every day.

It's a dreadful tragedy, but adoption would help to lower these numbers.

Instead of buying a kitten in a pet store, you can adopt the homeless feline from shelters on this day.

If you have been considering adopting a cat, today might be the perfect day to give a cat a forever home.

Adopting a kitten does more than just save its life. You are giving yourself a fantastic defense against mental and physical wellbeing.

HSSC, Pet Haven, and BARC Shelter, are some of the local shelters to see if you are looking for cat lovers to take them home. If you cannot quite manage adoption now, you can consider fostering.

8. Buy them a Collar

Putting on a collar and tag for your cat could be a smart idea right now if it isn't already done.

A pet collar is more than just a cute accessory for your cat. It provides safety and security to them and peace of mind to you.

A collar tag can deter a well-meaning neighbor from accidentally stealing your cat. If your cat gets lost, it makes a stranger easier to get them home safely to you.

While getting a collar for your kitten, ensure to microchip your cat and consider a GPS cat tracker for complete protection and safety.


Cat days like National Kitten Day serve a significant purpose to help raise awareness for homeless cats and kittens.

Moreover, it also brings attention towards shelter and stray cats who need saving through your efforts and donations.

Ensure the most out of every opportunity and consider doing the above activities for your kitten to make their life special.

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