How to introduce your dog to a new pup

When you already have a dog at home, bringing a new pup and spending time with it may make your dog envy with jealousy!
A jealous dog can often become a nuisance, especially when they find a new dog overtaking their place.

Hence, as a concerned pet owner, you should try to befriend your two pets so they can share the home, family, and your time together!

How to Introduce a New Animal to Your Dog? 

Dogs are one of the most socializing animals who always seek love and attention, so there is no doubt that they will accept the new member of the family. All they take is sometimes!

Before introducing a dog to your puppy, ensure to designate a particular place and move your dog’s toys, bed, bowl to their designated spot.

Keep in mind that your new puppy would have a different place to roam.

Here are few tips to help you introduce two pets.

Find a Public Place for Meeting

Always select a public place like a park, adoption home, or rescue center to introduce the pets. Let them meet at home on their second meeting. Letting them meet in a public place will avoid their agitation towards each other.

 It is a similar experience of introducing other animals to your dog in the park. Your behavior towards your residential dogs defines the way it behaves with your new puppy.

Bring Them Closer

Before bringing a new puppy into your home, you must expect your dog to know them well by sniffing, circling, playing, urinating, or simply ignoring. Let them meet in a distance where they will be able to see one another without getting provoked. You can reward them with treats whenever they look at each other with a friendly gesture. Although dogs enjoy a friendly interaction, they will show their temperament.

Separate Meal Time

To avoid fighting during mealtime, ensure to feed your dog the way you used to. Feed your new pup in a separate room.

Feed them separately for at least a week until both of the dogs usually eat in each other’s presence. Gradually, they will enjoy each other company and may even share food from the same bowl.

Gradually Introduce Them

Leaving them alone in the same place may make things worse. Instead, introduce them through different activities. Never hold your pup in your hand while you show it to your dog. Never try to force them to become closer. Never let them sleep in the same space, cage, or crate. Assign a separate space for them to take a nap. Never scold your dog in front of other animals when they bark or growl, as it may lead to a negative association.

Body Language

Understanding canine body language is an essential part of bringing two dogs closer. Jumping and wagging tail does not always mean they are excited. The position of their head, ear, tail, and even eyes may indicate their feeling.

 You would not want either dog chasing the other in excitement and others running away in fear. You should separate the two dogs whenever you feel that one is feeling more excited. Let them refocus to calm themselves down.


Every dog is different from one another, so they end up being rivals. Some dogs enjoy being the Alpha in the home, while others may follow them from the back.

 You do not want to end up with two separate dogs with different anxiety and behavioral problems.
Expect your dog and a new pup to have a well-balanced relationship. Even though each dog is different, expect them to learn and train at their own pace.

Let Them Play Together

One of the best ways to bring two dogs together is to let them play together. The amount of energy they share along with the great moments will help them bring closer.

 As your dogs will wrestle, run, play, and make sounds during playtime, they will get to know each other. However, be ready to pause their play if one of them is either agitated or being aggressive. Use body block technique to get one away from the other.

For more information, check this infographics as well


Always supervise interactions between your dogs. Be aware of their behavior and individual needs before allowing two pets to share the same space. Get in touch with Urban Pet Hospital & Resort, the best doggy daycare in Urbandale, for more information about learning your dog’s behavior and body language. We also offer medical and pet boarding services, daycare, grooming, therapy, weight loss program, and pet training.

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