How to train your dog to guard home?

Contrary to a popular belief, guard dogs aren’t taught to attach the strangers. They are trained to protect your property and family.

Trainers will specifically train them in non-confrontational techniques that will effectively prevent strangers from approaching near you or your house.

Dogs are trained to attack only in specific situations such as to disarm a robber, scare off the intruder, etc. But do not worry; you’re unlikely to need an attack dog. A well-trained dog that can guard your home is what you need.

Learn about your Dog's Personality Traits

1) A good guard dog should be territorial and protective of its owner and his property.
2)A good guard dog must be confident.
3)A good guard dog should also be assertive. An assertive dog will approach a new situation or person confidently.
4)A well-socialized guard dog will recognize strangers and not become overly aggressive.

How to teach your dog to become a Guard Dog?

Training a guard dog requires you to follow a series of training sequences.

Socialize your dog

Proper socialization should start when they're pups. A socialized dog will be more comfortable and relaxed in its normal environment. 

Teach Basic commands

You should start by teaching them basic commands when they're young. This will help them to adapt to rigorous training methods when they grow older.

Teach your dog basic obedience such as Run, Sit, Walk, Bark, Stop, Fetch, Stay, etc. Knowing basic obedience helps your dog to quickly adapt to new commands. You should also focus on teaching it to bark on command.

Advanced obedience training includes teaching them to impulse control. Most dogs will prance upon the strangers or spring onto someone they know or love. Controlling the impulse is essential to make them better guard dogs.

The Enforcing Boundaries Method

This method includes training them to recognize and protect their boundary.
You should establish a perimeter of the house by talking your dog to a walk around the perimeter of the house you want it to protect. You should do this every day at the end of your obedience lessons. Your dog will learn his territory and be familiar with the land he should be protecting. You can use toys to help it establish its territory.
Test the result by asking a stranger (a friend) to approach your house and run away once the dog starts to bark. Have someone come up and make some noise or approach the house. The person can either walk through the fence, through the gate or knock on the door. Remember that this person shouldn’t be familiar with your dog.

The Bark Method

When the dog approaches and barks, the person needs to make a sound like they are frightened and runoff. This will help to instill confidence in your dog. You can give a special treat to your dog every time it’s able to ward off the stranger in the test.
As an alternative: Ask the stranger to offer distractions to your dogs with a piece of meat or a special treat. When your dog stops barking and goes to investigate, order him to “leave it.” Be sure to try everything that your dog is always distracted by. When your dog successfully wards off any distractions, you can offer it a special treat.
Continue with this approach by introducing new experiences every day such as knocking on the door, knocking at windows, running along the fence, etc.

The Leash Method

The leash method may help to familiarize your dog with its territory. You can walk it on a leash every day around the perimeter of the house. Use a long leash for it to move around easily.
Next, you can test this method by asking a friend or stranger to approach home from different angles. Stand behind your dog and check if it barks and ward off the stranger. Encourage your dog by offering it a treat afterward.

10 Best Dog Breeds for Guard Dogs

It's true that some dog breeds are better at guarding than the others. The dog's breed, size, aggression, and alertness really defines how well guard dogs they can become.

German shepherd

It's one of the first choices of many dog owners and trainers. They are bold, confident, and fearless. Being extremely intelligent makes them adapt to new commands easily. It is also a popular police dog breed.


It's also known as the classic guard dog. Rottweilers were originally called cattle-protecting dogs. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and endurance. They make a great guard dog.

Doberman pinscher

It was mostly used by law enforcement agencies in many countries before being replaced with a German shepherd. Doberman Pinschers is incredibly fast and agile. They can react in a very short time. They are also known as the 5th smartest dog breed in the world.


It's a cross between a bulldog and a mastiff and is known for its fearless personality. It is known for its great physical strength, protection instincts, and extreme loyalty towards its owner. They'll mostly use their great strength to knock down any intruder who comes near you or your house.


It looks menacing and is really protective. They were originally bred to be medium-sized guard dogs. They are extremely loyal and playful; hence they'll love to be in a family.

Great Dane

Their size itself is going to scare off most people. They're the second tallest dog breed in the world. They're considered a good breed when it comes to guarding a property. A Great Dane could weigh up to 160 pounds.

Giant Schnauzer

They're very loyal and strong-willed. They're strong, powerful, and dominant. They require strict training from an early age, along with a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Don't forget to give them constant attention.

Rhodesian ridgeback

They were originally bred to hunt lions. They're very loyal and attentive. They are said to be selective in their barking so when a Ridgeback barks, it needs to be taken seriously.

Staffordshire terrier

Staffordshire terrier was originally bred for bear and bullfighting. They're aggressive, protective, and dominant. One must properly socialize and train them from an early age.


Komondors are mostly used for herding and protecting a flock of sheep. They're natural guard dogs. They’re very active, courageous, and loyal.

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