Best Doggy Daycare in Des Moines

Doggy Daycare or Dog daycare refers to short-term daytime care for dogs. It can include both kennel boarding and pet sitting at home.

With pet owners often busy at work or other daily activities, daycare serves as a great instrument to keep your pet occupied, healthy, and happy. The dog daycare is similar to daycare for children, with the exception being that the dog daycare is meant only for the canine.

Doggy Daycare in Des Moines comes equipped with experienced handlers, enough playtime for pets, indoor or outdoor setting, and grooming services.

Dog Boarders Serving in Des Moines

Des Moines is the capital and the most populous city in the state of Iowa. The survey of 2018 estimated the population of Des Moines to be 216,853 people.

With more people owning pets at home, it becomes necessary to provide essential pet care such as timely vaccination, dentistry, or other general medical needs. Boarding is another essential part of pet care. Des Moines in Iowa is home to hundreds of pet hospital, pet clinics, and boarding centers. You can choose from many dog boarders available in your area.

doggy daycare in Des Moines

Some of the most reliable and dedicated doggy daycare in Des Moines are as follows;

Urban Pet Hospital & Resort

Urban Pet Hospital & Resort (UPHR) is a premier dog boarding in Des Moines that is home away from home. They offer luxury suites that come with a TV, DVD, and webcams. The pets can indulge in playtime, indoor counter-current pool, and daily walking and exercise.

Some of their boarding features include;

  • A big outdoor play area where the staff walks the pets three times a day.
  • Daycare and swimming for pets for a nominal additional charge.
  • UPHR is the only facility in central Iowa that offers an indoor counter-current pool from Endless Pool and underwater treadmill for both therapeutic and recreational purposes.
  • For the security of our guests, the facility is monitored by a number of cameras.

UPHR's Motto

UPHR is dedicated to providing quality pet care services in Des Moines at reasonable prices.

UPHR offers full pet care and medical services covering;

  • Medical treatment
  • Dental
  • Therapy
  • Grooming
  • Boarding
  • Caring
  • Training and consulting 
  • Community programs for home, sheltered and rescued pets.

UPHR is dedicated to reaching out for every community programs for the rescue and protection of pets. They continually assist in several community programs, such as; assisting Animal Rescue League of Iowa and Animal Protection Society of Iowa with their animal spaying and therapy programs to increase medical outreach for the pets in the community.

The Veterinarians working with UPHR are certified and are experienced for over 15 years. The pet care staffs and assistants have been continually working for pet care services for years. The experience in handling pets counts when it comes to saving your their life.

UPHR's Staff

DVM Anil Regmi

Dr. Regmi is renowned throughout the central Iowa community for his experience in the field of veterinary medicine and his compassion for animal care. He is the visionary behind starting the UPHR. A professional dedicated to his service and his clients, he is also known throughout the community for offering his time and resources to help injured pets.

He was featured in the article "Chico on the Road to Recovery", for helping an injured and an abused kitten named Chico in the March 4th, 2004 edition of the Des Moines Register.

Apart from his daily modus operandi, he is also involved in various community service programs such as assisting Animal Rescue League of Iowa and Animal Protection Society of Iowa with their animal spaying programs.

DVM Rachael Godall

Dr. Rachel Goodall is the certified DVM working at UPHR. She received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. She also has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Biotechnology from North Dakota State University of Fargo, North Dakota.

Growing up in a happy family in Grafton, North Dakota, She found herself affectionate of caring and treating animals since her early childhood. Coupled with her compassion for animal care, the veterinary profession seemed to be the perfect fit.

During leisure, she enjoys spending time with her family and indulging in camping, traveling and relaxing at the lake.

She strongly believes that combining quality medicine with client understanding allows pets and their owners to receive the best veterinary care. She emphasizes educating her clients by offering those tools to best care for their pets. She dedicates herself to forming long term relationships with clients and continuously helping her patients to enjoy a happy and healthy life.


dog boarders in Des Moines

Why these Dog Boarders?

Urban Pet Hospital & Resort is known for its utmost professionalism, quality service, courteous staffs, and better customer’s feedback. They are certified to handle all kinds of pets with care and are courteous towards both pet and pet owner.

Essentials of the Dog Borders

a. Luxury Boarding Vs Kennel Boarding

There isn’t much difference between luxury boarding and regular kennel boarding. Do not fall into the trap of luxury boarding facilities. They generally charge more for mere regular services. The Dog Boarders mentioned above provide quality boarding services without advertising false promises.

b. Playtime and Nutrition

Good Dog boarders provide enough playtime in a safe environment and also take care of the nutritional needs of the pets. Exercise during the day is essential for pets to ensure they remain fit and healthy. Experienced dog handlers are well aware of the nutritional need of each dog, hence, they can offer the nutritional meal at the right quantity.

c. Experienced Staff

The staff that is experts in the field play an important role in determining the quality of daycare. Most of these dog borders have staff experienced for over 10 years. Dog Grooming requires experienced handlers who can take care of your pets with ease.

benefits of doggy daycare

Dog Training in Des Moines

Training is essential to keep any pet disciplined. Almost every dog breed is smart enough to learn and adapt to basic commands.

The first factor that determines training is its age. Training is provided at an early age. Training at an early age makes a difference. Adapting to basic commands help pets to adapt to training in adulthood. An adult age is considered an optimum period for training any dog.

Some of the basic in Dog Training are as follows;

  1. House Training

It is important if you're thinking about keeping your pet indoors. When pets stay inside, they require a housebreaking or potty training to relieve themselves in the right place.

A house training may include;

Crate training dogs and puppies

Crate training is a method of house training your puppy or dog. The crate is specifically used to keep your pup or adult dog confined in a space when you are unable to supervise. Since dogs do not generally urinate or defecate in the same place they sleep, they will most likely try to hold the urge to pee. Use positive enforcement while introducing the crate to your pets.

House Train puppies

It requires patience while training young pups. Set a schedule for everything; waking, eating, playing, and relieving. Check for signs when your pup needs to relieve. Use keywords repeatedly to make them understand the command.

Submissive/Excitement urination in Dogs

Most dogs tend to urinate when being submissive or in excitement. Also known as involuntary urination, it can be curbed by positive enforcement. Use the house training commands to make them understand that it isn’t right to pee inside the house.

  1. Leash Training

Leash training is important when the pup starts growing into an adult dog. You will often take it outdoors, hence, keeping them in a leash is important to avoid any accidents or misbehavior.

Teach the dog how to walk properly with the leash. A loose leash walk may teach your dog not to pull or lunge when being leashed, making the experience more enjoyable.

  1. Socializing

Socialization is basically the process of introducing a dog or pup to in the company of other animals, humans, places, and environment. Socialization should begin at a young age which helps them to adapt to social circle and behavior. The ideal age is between 3 and 14 weeks of age for puppies.

Socializing Your Dogs

  • Take your dog out to observe other dogs
  • Resist tugging while walking
  • Go to dog training classes
  • Socializing with Humans
  • Ignore your dog's unwanted behavior
  • Act like everything is normal when he acts out
  • Introduce people slowly

Canine Country Club Des Moines

Canine Country Club (CCC) is a locally owned premier doggy daycare offering boarding, grooming, and training in an industry-leading state-of-the-art facility at West Des Moines. They have been providing daycare and grooming services since 2010.

The CCC has experience handling all kinds of dogs, including ones with special medical needs and police working dogs. The team members love dogs and participate in continuing education in dog behavior, first aid, CPR, pack management, socialization, and aggression. The boarding facility has a low dog to caregiver ratio.

Some of the essential services provided by CCC.


CCC provided complete daycare services. They provided a full day of mental and physical stimulation that involves lots of fun. Upon the completion of daycare, you’ll have a happy, tired and ready to relax pet in the evening!


The hotel here stands for comfort! They believe in the slogan “NEVER pay to play!” Everything is included in the boarding price! PLUS, you have round the clock care, providing an overnight health and safety check along with 2-night potty breaks!


CCC also offers baths, grooming, nail trims, and several other specialty services to make your pet clean and comfortable!


CCC is also dedicated to sharing the knowledge, experience, and insight with other dog handlers! They offer classes, private training, or board and train. They have the perfect training solution to fit you and your four-legged companion.

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