10 Best Advantages of choosing a Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare is the ultimate pet care center for canines. Like a nursery for small kids, doggy daycare is designed to cater to canines. It offers a conducive environment for dogs to indulge in socializing, playing, grooming and staying active while the pet owners are away with work or travel.

Doggy daycare isn’t only a place to board your pets when you’re away. It’s designed to accommodate pets struggling with socializing with other animals or humans as well. Learn essential social skills, enjoying different games, and exploring different kinds of mental and physical stimulation are few of the qualities of doggy daycare

10 Big Advantages of Choosing a Doggy Daycare for your Pet

Here are ten big advantages of taking your dog to professional doggy daycare.

Keep Your Dog from Getting Lonely

If your pet’s only companion is you, then it’s certain that it’ll feel alone and bored when you get out of the home. Your dog isn’t unlike a person in many ways. They’ll miss playing and sleeping with you when you go out to work the whole day.

There’s only so much a dog can do at home each day by itself. Yes, you can install some interactive games to keep it engaged when you aren’t around but your dog will soon get bored.  Plus, when dogs get lonely and bored, they get anxious.  As a result, they turn towards chewing on furniture or being destructive to pass the time.

When you take your dog to doggy daycare, they’ll get an opportunity to engage with professional trainers who can engage them with many interactive and engaging games. It’s also a chance to meet other pets so they can spend and enjoy time together

Don’t Worry About Being Home Late

When your dog is safe at doggy daycare, you need not worry about coming home early. You may have many different plans after work, maybe hang out with friends in a bar, take an evening class, go to the gym, or something else. With the constant need to get home early for your pet might take away your social life. Doggy daycare will take care of your problem by keeping your dog engaged and active while you’re out doing your own thing. One less thing you have to worry about!

No need to hire an extra hand

Although you always have the option of hiring someone to come over to your house and take care of your dog, with doggy daycare you wouldn’t need to hire anyone which will save a lot of costs and keep strangers away from your home.

It can be awkward to know someone has access to your house while you’re away. If you aren’t comfortable with allowing anyone inside your home while you’re away, choose to go with a  doggy daycare in your locality. 

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It’s More Affordable than You Think

Getting your dog to daycare is a lot more affordable than you think. When people first hear about daycare for dogs, they assume it’s going to be expensive. Most doggy daycare charges around $15 to $30 a day. If you’re a regular, then you can get a huge discount on the price. Many daycares advertise discounted rates or specials which you should take advantage of.

It’s also possible to take advantage of doggie daycare just a couple of times a week instead of every day to save on cost. This will be a win-win for both you and your dog.

Doggy Daycare Offers Grooming

Most dog daycares offer grooming facilities for dogs that require regular or seldom grooming. Many doggy daycares may advertise their price inclusive of grooming. Your dog won’t only enjoy their time playing but get hygienic and clean. This will help you save you an extra cost for visiting a groomer.

Exercise All Day

Doggy daycares are filled with different kinds of interactive games for all size and breed of dogs, Being cooped up in the house all day can be a tiring experience for your dog. Instead, you can take them to the daycare where they can play along with other animals.

The doggy daycare may specialize in both physical and mental games to keep your dog engaged and stimulated. A report suggested that dogs who indulge in physical and mental stimulation face fewer chances of anxiety or depression.

This will also help to keep your dog from breaking or chewing on stuff at home. Besides exercise, the staff at your dog’s daycare can help reinforce good behavior by regularly training them to behave and heed commands.  It’s a win-win.

Your Dog Will Make Friends

Dogs are social animals and don’t like to be alone. They’ll get a great chance to socialize with other animals. Playing and spending time together with different kinds of dogs will help to socialize your dog more. This may help to relieve their stress, anxiety, or depression.  Your dog will likely see many of the same doggie friends every time and be able to form happy relationships.

Dogs Can Enjoy a Change of Scenery

A new place can help to change the scenery and relieve the boredom. Although there’s no place like home, dogs can enjoy a change of scenery with new animals and humans. With new trees to sniff, a doggy pool, new toys, and bigger space, they’ll definitely enjoy the time spent at a daycare, This may also help to add a change to the usual life of your dog.
Just like us, dogs need to go around and explore new places.

Lots of Attention

Being a social and possessive animal, dogs love to get the utmost attention. What better than doggy daycare where everyone is indulged in paying attention to your dog all the time. At dog daycare, your dog will get plenty of attention from a dog-loving staff and other animals. This will definitely help to make them fulfilled with affection.

Peace of Mind

Own a piece of mind when you go out to work or travel. While you’re away, you can be confident that your dog is being well taken care of and is happy in a safer place. Knowing that your favorite companion is in a safe environment occupied with lots of different activities, you can be reassured and enjoy your own work or travel

Find the Right Daycare for Your Dog

Choosing the right daycare can often be difficult unless you have tried a few of them. Before you put your dog into daycare, assess important factors that make a daycare great. 

How to choose the best doggy daycare?

Here are some handy tips to choose the best doggy daycare.

Tour the facility

Inspect the facility for proper ventilation, proper fencing, and safe floor for necessary grip and safety.

Separate units for large and small dogs

Large and small dogs don't often gel well in a new environment because of their size, temperament, and play style.

Staff-to-Dog Ratio

The experts suggest a ratio of 15 dogs per human as a safe standard in any Doggy Daycare.

Guided activities

Pick a doggy daycare that indulges the canine with guided activities such as training, grooming, socializing, and physical and mental stimulation.


A doggy daycare need not be expensive. Typical rates for a day boarding may cost around $15 to $30 per day

Here is the detail infographics about the 10 best advantages of choosing a doggy daycare.

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