How to Celebrate Active Dog Month?

After a long winter blues, a burst of warm sunshine is what your dog needs to spring into action and frolic because April marks the spring season or an active dog month.

Did you know Active Dog Month was created in 2018 to bring pet owners and dogs together and motivate them to shake off the winter blues?

Active Dog Month is the perfect time to be outdoors with your dogs and enjoy spring, indulging in plays, exercise, walks, hikes, and other adventures.

From preventing diabetes and weight-related stress on joints to meeting their mental needs, the impact of outdoor time and exercise is vital.

Therefore, Active Dog Month is a great opportunity to do something wonderful for your dog.

Read on for the ways to make April a great month and celebrate active dog month.

How to Celebrate Active Dog Month?

When the weather starts to warm up after a frigid, long winter, humans are not the only ones who should get excited about spending time outdoors.

Dogs are pretty darn ecstatic for springtime too, and it is the time when they are the most active!

Here is a list of fun activities that you can indulge with your dog in the active dog month.

1. Exercise

Exercise is essential in helping your pet live a healthy and long life.

Banfield Pet Hospital reported 108% increase in dogs diagnosed as overweight from 2011 to 2020.

Just like humans, dogs benefit greatly from routine exercise and healthy diets. Exercise does wonders to maintain your dog’s healthy and active lifestyle.

Therefore, Active Day Month is the perfect time to jump into it if you have been looking for an excuse to get your dog into shape.

There are many ways to exercise your dog.

  • Take them for jogging
  • Hike with your dog to explore the natural surrounding
  • Hide some treats and play nose work game
  • Make them learn the classic bow and handshake

Some of these physical exercises can improve your dog’s overall health, fitness, and quality of life.

According to research,

Exercising keeps your dog not only healthy but well-behaved, reducing behavioral problems such as excessive licking, barking, chewing, digging, and anxiety-related issues.

2. Go for a Walk

Going outdoors together is a great way to bond. It will result in an exercise to promote mental for you and your dog.

Take them to the dog’s park, roadside walk, beach, etc. They love free walking spaces as they offer plenty of room to run.

Research has found that dog owners spend more time walking with dogs than persons without dogs.

Walking with a dog helps alleviate behavior issues stemming from boredom, provides opportunities for training, and helps reinforce your shared bond.

3. Swimming

As the weather warms up, swimming becomes a great fitness activity.

A lot of dogs love the chance to play with water. It is a good fit for dogs with joint issues as it boosts circulation throughout the body.

Make sure to give your dog a life jacket and find a safe place to swim, such as a local dog-friendly lake, beach, or pool.

Follow the water safety guidelines to keep your dog safe and enjoy more time in the water.

4. Encourage Interactive Playtime

Introduce puzzle games to keep their mind fresh and sharp, or hide and seek to stimulate other senses.

Mental exercise is an excellent technique to exhaust your dog mentally and physically.

Tossing a ball around at home or on the lawn also counts. These games are ideal for when it is raining out or if you do not have areas for walking.

At least 20 minutes of interactive playtime in a day does the job.

Here is the list of the best interactive dog games and toys.

5. Have a Photo Session

Spring flowers make for gorgeous pictures. You can schedule a photo session with a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your furry friend in a springtime surroundings.

While most dogs are not keen on staying still for too long, you can always follow them around and snap pictures of them doing their deeds.

You will enjoy your day with a memorable photo with your pet that you can frame and cherish forever.

6. Dog Grooming

Like humans, your dogs also deserve to look and feel their best. Grooming is one of the best ways to show your dog a little extra love and keep them healthy and active.

Here are a few of the top benefits of grooming your dog.

  • Better hygiene and smell
  • Timely detection of any skin and health issues
  • Check and treat fleas
  • Reduce the chances of eyes and ears infection
  • Reduce any chances of various health problems such as skin allergy, parasitic infection, matted hair, etc.

Schedule a grooming appointment to let them enjoy some pampering.

From a bath to brushing, a haircut to ear cleaning, nail trimming, and more, it can be a great way to boost your pet’s mood.

7. Health and Wellness

Healthy dogs are happy dogs!

Prevention is the key to keeping your dog healthy.

Since a dog's health and medical necessities change with age, paying attention to your dog’s wellness needs is essential.

Here is a quick checklist to maintain a dog's health and wellness.

  • Schedule a periodic check-up with your veterinarian.
  • Feed your dog a nutritious diet and healthy snacks
  • Get dog insurance to help you pay for unexpected illnesses and injuries
  • Spray and neuter your dog to help prevent health problems, including uterine infections and certain types of cancer.
  • Schedule a flea and tick treatment plan for your dog.

Following the dog’s health and wellness tips advised by your vet will help ensure that your dog leads a healthy and happy life.

Similarly, during your visits with the veterinary, be sure to mention any changes you may have noticed in your dog, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

Any information you can provide to your veterinarian helps diagnose potential illnesses.

Incorporate all of these in their bi-annual or annual wellness check.

8. Go on a Trip

Pick a location that is an ideal spot for you and your dog.

Try visiting new places but make sure it is pet friendly to encourage some exercise and social interaction.

  • Bring a picnic with snacks for you and your dog to make the trip more fun.
  • A quick drive around the city can let your dog experience new sights and sounds.
  • Consider taking your furry friend for a hike as a sidekick and a great trail buddy.
  • Going camping with your dog can be fun as pups make for excellent adventure companions.

No matter where you go, adhere to these safety guidelines.

Pack up a water bowl, snacks, and a leash in your backpack, just in case.

9. Adopt a New Dog

Adopting a dog can be a great way to celebrate Active Dog Month if you consider adding a new member to your family.

Adoption not only saves an animal from landing up in shelters and subsequently euthanization but also provides them a home and a family.

Your dog will certainly love to have a friend to play with.

Find plenty of dog breed that have a lot of love to offer and desperately need new homes.

10. Buy them Some Gift

Celebrate active dog month by making them look their best with some gifts.

Ensure to treat them right by giving them a new collar and leash to put their tags on.

You can even spoil them with a new bed or a shelter that gives them a sense of security while providing comfort and benefit for older dogs that need extra joint support.

Here is the list of gifts for dogs that your dog will love.

Benefits of Celebrating Active Dog Month

Owing and caring for a dog comes with great responsibility, and April is the perfect time to ensure it.

Staying active with your dog is a great way to improve your relationship with them, and these activities would benefit your dog in many ways.

Some of the benefits of celebrating Active Dog Month include:

  • Improves strength, fitness, flexibility, and movement
  • Increase energy levels and boost their mood
  • Helps reduce stress and can help improve your dog’s mood
  • Improves sleep
  • Builds your dog’s social skills and familiarity with the surrounding area
  • Prevents dog’s boredom by providing mental and physical stimulation
  • Decreases dog’s lousy behavior and aids in training
  • Increases the bond between you and the dog
  • Prevents obesity
  • Prevents diabetes



Active Dog Month is celebrated to encourage dog owners to take a crucial step toward their dog’s health.

It helps bring awareness to the growing and preventable issue of canine obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

It would be a great way to celebrate the month by bonding with your furry friend and showing how much you love them.

Make the most out of your time and consider doing the above activities.

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