How to Celebrate a Work Like A Dog Day?

When somebody asks you to “Work like a dog,” better take it as a compliment because the famous phrase means to work hard and honestly like a dog.

There are many fun pet-related days to celebrate throughout the year, and August 5th is “Work Like a Dog” day.

Work like a Dog Day is celebrated on 5th August every year in honor of working dogs to appreciate their hard work. Celebrate it by putting some extra effort at work, appreciate hard-working people, honor working dogs, take the day off and enjoy, be creative and find what works better for you.

According to, Work Like A Dog Day honors and recognizes the hardest canines working around us.

Read on to learn the different ways to celebrate work like a dog day.

Ways to Celebrate a Work Like A Dog Day

The day “Work like a dog” was created in 2006 by United States Senator Robert Byrd in honor of canines.

After all, dogs are such hard workers.

There are dogs who dedicate their lives to farm work, police work, search and rescue work, military work, and other jobs.

Therefore, there are a variety of ways that you can celebrate and pay tribute to work like a dog day.

1. Put Some Extra Efforts at Work

If you have a goal you have been trying to achieve for quite a long time, then this day is the perfect chance for you to put in that effort and a more significant push towards achieving your goals.

It is a chance to show off your determination and hard work while you plan your day. Whether it be at work, home, school, etc., put your best effort into everything you do.

Always produce the best work that you can possibly make.

This could be anything from achieving your fitness goals at the gym to getting a promotion at your place of employment.

Strive to go above and beyond what you usually do. Afterward, you will get a fantastic sense of accomplishment.

2. Appreciate Hard Working People

As this peculiar day is inspired by the reputed strong work ethic of canines, especially service dogs, pause to appreciate the hard workers who inspire you today.

Show your appreciation to those who work tirelessly, with perseverance, tenacity, and dependability to be the most productive.

From your colleagues or employees to your housekeeper or nanny, it is always nice to show a bit of extra appreciation.

Make sure they understand how much you value their effort and hard work.

You can also count on health care professionals, teachers, social workers, and police officers who work for the public.

These people work hard like a dog every day. They all deserve praise during this special day of celebration. Spend this day thanking the people who work especially hard.

Donate if you can, thank and reward them, or leave a kind note appreciating them. There are so many incredible ways you can share your appreciation.

3. Honor Working Dogs

Work like a dog day is a holiday honoring people who put in that extra work to ensure the job is done right.

However, it also acknowledges the strong work ethic of dogs, especially service dogs.

Canines work in hospitals as therapy dogs, guard visually impaired people, help guard the farm or herd animals, assist police officers on the job, and many more.

Even if your canine is spoiled, it still provides you with unconditional love and supports each day. They work hard to keep you company without even knowing it.

Therefore, take time to honor the working dogs of yesteryears.

4. Take the Day Off and Enjoy

As this day is an occasion to reward hard workers in your life, why not offer them a treat or take some of the load off their shoulders so they can enjoy some rest?

  • Take the day off, sit at home, and enjoy a lovely time with your family, colleagues, employees, and furry friends.
  • Try and bond with them, and perhaps even make some delicious food for them and enjoy.
  • You can also plan fun outdoor activities with your dog, which has been your best companion and even guarding your home.
  • Visit a park and go for a walk. Dogs are curious adventurers, so going on a nature walk or hike is a fantastic way to let them explore.

Check this infographics out for more information

5. Be Creative and Find What Works Better for You

Lastly, Work like a Dog Day is a good chance to be creative.

If you have been working like a dog for a long time, get inspired to come up with a creative solution that will require less effort.

  • Working out before you start working is a good idea. Even studies show that exercising before work can increase your productivity.
  • Surround yourself with inspiration.
  • Put yourself in situations where you shine, imagining the best possible outcome.
  • Take regular breaks while working.
  • Create a space for self-reflection and meditate

It is not about working longer hours, but it is about working harder and smarter. Doing these activities will help clear your mind and boost your energy level.

You can achieve more success without having to put in more hours.


Dogs teach us so much, and working hard to attain your goals is a life lesson you can never go wrong with.

Work Like A Dog Day is approaching, so what better way to celebrate than by learning to work hard like a dog.

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