Summer with Pets and Safety Measures

Who does not love summer more than your pets? Summer is not just another season but also the best time to spend outdoors.

The summer has always been the time to try new things and add to your adventure memories with your loved ones, but it also means finding many different problems.

Summer brings flea and tick infections, snake bites, bee stings, and the likelihood of dehydration and heatstroke. The possibility of acquiring these problems is more likely with dogs who spend time outdoors.

Therefore, you should be wary about taking your dogs out in summer and even if you do, care to take necessary precautions to avoid common summer problems.

Summer is a perfect time to celebrate this bond. You can do several things differently this summer with your fur buddy. Read on to find out more.

Summer Activity With Pets and Safety Measures

Here is the list of a few popular summer activities and how to keep your pets safe.

1. Swimming

It's hot, and your pup loves water; what would be more fun than swimming!

If you have kids, fun is double. Taking them to the nearby pool, where dogs are allowed, or beaches would be fun.

It can be a one-day thing, or you can have this fun daily or according to your schedule. 


  • The water in the swimming pool can cause infection in your dog's ears.
  • Be preventive about it, and don't forget to clean it afterward. If the problem persists, take your pet to the vet.
  • Even when your dog knows how to swim, sometimes there's a risk of them falling into the pool and drowning.
  • They may panic in many situations when in water, which causes them to inhale water. Be very attentive to them.

2. Dog-Friendly Beach

Dogs are attracted to movements, which makes them enjoy the back and forth of the tide on the sea or ocean.

If you live nearby a sea or an ocean, it's a fantastic idea to take your fur baby to the beach.

Check whether there are restrictions on bringing pets to the beach or if they require you to potty train them before.

Make them comfortable with the water and play with the tide together.


  • It's possible to get dehydrated while playing with the water. Ensure to bring a bowl and drinking water for your pet.
  • Keep them away from restricted areas such as the water.
  • Dogs love foraging, and they are likely to find wild animals. Keep an eye on them at all time

3. Sprinkler Fun

Talking about water, using sprinklers is a cheerful play for dogs.

The best thing about this is you don't have to go far but still can have a good day in your backyard with your kids and pups.

They will love it. To make it more fun, you can add music to it.


  • Both your dog and kid can be exhausted by too much running around.
  • Take pauses in between and allow them to take a rest for a while.
  • Ensure the water is cool during summer.
  • Wipe them dry afterward.

4. Dog-Friendly Park and Hiking

Usually, the parks in your neighborhood are dog friendly. It may be the best time to take a break to visit the park with your friend.

You can indulge in the game of fetch, take a walk, hike, or chill.

Your dog might enjoy the company of other dogs coming with their parent. Therefore, it can be a fun social time for them. 


  • Pets also get sunburn. Don't go to the open park if the sun is too intense.
  • Consult your veterinarian and find suitable sunscreen for your pup. Apply it to the exposed area, including their nose, before you go out
  • Choose a spot with shadows to take frequent breaks.
  • Take water with you and provide it to your pet every half an hour.
  • Beware of the wildlife and take precautions against flea and tick.

Check out this infographics for more information.

5. Outdoor Dining

Who doesn't love to eat out now and then?

Plan a dinner with your family; I mean the whole family. Select a dog-friendly restaurant.

These restaurants usually have enough space for you and your furry companion.

Most of their service includes a separate bowl of water at the beginning. Some might consist of other compliments too.


  • It might not be a good idea to go on dinner if your dog is hyperactive or doesn't follow your command.
  • It might create an awkward situation for you and the restaurant staff.
  • Train your pet before taking them to public places that may seem overwhelming.

6. Vacation at a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Stay in a hotel is always a good package for vacation.

It's more fun if your pet is with you and you don't have to worry about them while you are on vacation alone.

Start with finding a pet-friendly hotel and start packing. Choose the one with a pet-friendly swimming pool and other activities.


  • You will have to be cautious about your dog's behavior and hyperactivity.
  • Always choose a pet-friendly stay and keep an option if things go south.

7. Dog-Friendly Events

Organize a dog party or a party where you all can bring your pets.

Organize dog games in your neighborhood or plan a dog bath day at your locality.

Devote a day for your pets and celebrate it together. 


  • Some pets might not get along; manage them.
  • If you need permission for these activities, get one. Make it all about the pets.

summer pet safety infographics


Organizing summer activities can be fun until your pet starts getting all the problems.

Make a point to ensure safety by taking necessary precautions when organizing summer activities.

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